Subcategory: Compressors

BOSTITCH® offers high performance air compressors in a variety of sizes and designs. Our compressors are made to last and include features like high efficiency motors and compact, efficient designs for easy storage and portability.

Subcategory: Fastening
Power: Gas, Pneumatic
Tool Type: Nailers, Pliers, Staplers, Tackers

BOSTITCH® offers stick and coil-style nailers, manual and pneumatic nailers, jam-free tackers and pliers and air compressor combo kits for various applications.

Subcategory: Cutting, Demolition, Fastening, Measuring & Marking, Striking & Struck
Tool Type: Blade Knives, Blades, Chisels, Hammer Tackers, Hammers, Levels, Nail Sets, Pliers, Pry Bars, Ring Pliers, Screwdrivers, Staplers, Tackers, Tape Measures, Tool Aprons, Bags, Pouches, Tool Boxes, Wrenches

BOSTITCH® Hand Tools are made strong, durable and built to last. Our hand tools have been job-site tested to meet the professional's needs in rugged environments.

Subcategory: Compressors, Cutting, Demolition, Drilling/Driving, Power Tools
Tool Type: Angle Grinders, Circular Saws, Drills, Hammer Drills, Impact Drivers, Jig Saws, Reciprocating Saws

BOSTITCH® power tools are constructed for strength and durability and deliver a legacy you can trust.


Subcategory: Compressors

The air compressors are designed to handle finishing tools and other light duty applications.

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Blades, Diamond Blades

Grip-Rite has a full selection of Diamond and Carbide cutting blades.

Subcategory: Fastening
Tool Type: Nailers

From framing nailers to staplers, the entire product line includes the right tool for just about any job.

Hillman Group

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Engravers

Computerized tag engraving system designed to create affordable custom engraved personal identification and pet I.D. tags, and affordable rabies tags.


Subcategory: Diamond Coring & Cutting
Tool Type: Coring Stands & Rigs

Heavy-duty, portable units for diamond coring in reinforced concrete, tile, masonry or natural stone. Choose from basic components or complete coring rigs

Subcategory: Drilling/Driving
Power: Corded, Cordless
Tool Type: Angle Drills, D-Handle Drills, Hole Hawg Drills, Pistol Drills

From the introduction of the first portable 1/4" capacity drill to being the first to incorporate lithium-ion battery technology for its power tools, Milwaukee continues its tradition of producing superior drilling products.

Subcategory: Finishing
Tool Type: Grinders, Polishers, Sanders

Milwaukee grinders, polishers and sanders have all the features professionals ask for.

Subcategory: Demolition, Drilling/Driving
Power: Corded, Cordless
Tool Type: Demolition Hammers, Hammer Drills, Rotary Hammers

Milwaukee offers a comprehensive line of hammer action tools including several models within the rotary hammer, hammer drill and demolition hammer categories.

Subcategory: Paint & Coating Removal
Tool Type: Heat Guns

Milwaukee Heat Guns offer ergonomic style and powerful heating elements.

Subcategory: Fastening
Power: Corded, Cordless
Tool Type: Impact Wrenches, Screwdrivers

Milwaukee impact wrenches and sctewdrivers feature the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry making them deal for all drilling and driving applications.

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Routers

Milwaukee's line of versatile routers are a must in any woodworking workshop.

Subcategory: Cutting
Power: Corded, Cordless
Tool Type: Band Saws, Chop Saws, Circular Saws, Cut-Off Machines, Jig Saws, Metalworking Saws, Miter Saws, Panel Saws, Reciprocating Saws, Worm Drive Saws

Milwaukee has the most extensive line of saws and cut-off machines, each designed to provide maximum cutting performance for fast, clean cuts.

Subcategory: Cutting
Power: Corded, Cordless
Tool Type: Reciprocating Saws

Since its development over fifty years ago, the Milwaukee Sawzalll® reciprocating saw has been the industry standard.

Subcategory: Detection
Power: Corded, Cordless
Tool Type: Clamp Meters, Digital Multimeters, Fork Meters, Inspection Cameras, Plumb Lasers, Sub-Scanners, Temperature Guns, Voltage Detectors, Voltage Meters

Milwaukee's line of test and measurement tools provide great versatility and quality for any shop or business.

Subcategory: Clean-Up
Power: Corded, Cordless
Tool Type: Wet/Dry Vacs

The Milwaukee line of wet/dry vacuum cleaners offer power to spare.

National Hardware

Subcategory: Fastening
Tool Type: Hex Tools

National Manufacturing Co. offers a large selection of wrench sets, hex tools, magnets, screwdriver sets and T-handle hex tools.

Stanley Hand Tools

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Blade Knives, Blades, Mitre Boxes, Planes, Snips

The people who use cutting tools ask a lot of them. Stanley tools deliver. Knives, Knife Blades, Miter Boxes, Planes, Snips

Subcategory: Fastening
Tool Type: Glue Guns, Nut Drivers, Pliers, Ratchets, Rivet Tools, Screwdrivers, Staplers, Tackers, Wrenches

Ease of use is rule number one in fastening. Stanley®'s fastening tools are filled with features that make them a snap to operate.

Subcategory: Work Lights
Tool Type: Flashlights, Tripod Flashlights

Stanley®'s expanded line of LED flashlights provides convenience in a range of sizes and styles.

Subcategory: Layout & Leveling
Tool Type: Chalk Reels / Snap Lines, Levels, Squares

Square, level and plumb are critical to every building project. At Stanley®, we address our customer’s needs for accuracy, dependability and durability.